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2 rating

Okay, I'm going to try and be as Fair as I can with this review. First off, went to the store to discover it was packed with people waiting for up to two hours. I was offered to check in at the front desk via the computer oh, but then I was told it would be faster if I downloaded the app and checked in from my smartphone. So this is what I did. After the apples installed and I created my account, I checked in to find out that I had a 1 hour and 50 minute wait time. Mind you I was only there to get my son's haircut. Anyway, we left and I checked the app about an hour later and it told me I didn't had a two-hour wait. Being frustrated, I called the store and ask them why the wait was longer than when I originally signed up and an hour had already went by.. I was told there online check-in system was not as accurate as they would like and that it was being worked on. About 15 minutes later the app told me that I had 10 minutes before the stylist was going to be ready for my son. Just prior to that it was an hour and a half. So we hopped in the car and raced back to sport clips. once we got there, I noticed my son's name was on the digital waiting bored and it was back up to a 20-minute wait. Again frustrated because we boogie there only to hurry up and wait. we ended up waiting at the store for another 30 to 40 minutes before they finally called him back. With all that said, The Stylist was very good, she did a great job on my son's hair. Not sure I want to go back again unless there's a very slim chance that we'll have to wait that long again. even though the stylist was amazing, I'm only giving two stars because of all of the aggravation they're digital check-in system caused. Word of advice, when they're busy be prepared to wait a very long time for a haircut.

5 rating

Always friendly, courteous, and professional service.

5 rating

Best experience I've ever had, getting a haircut.

Rated 3.9 out of 5.0 based on 20 Client reviews

Paul A. | January 4, 2020 Google

"Okay, I'm going to try and be as Fair as I can with this review. First off, went to the store to dis"

M.L. H. | December 18, 2019 Google

"Always friendly, courteous, and professional service."

Job F. | November 29, 2019 Google

"Best experience I've ever had, getting a haircut."

Edwin B. | November 23, 2019 Google

"This place is bad at giving hair cuts they couldn't even do a simple fade or a comb over was vary di"

Jorge B. | November 21, 2019 Google

"Not bad"

Siegfried L. | November 21, 2019 Google

"So la la"

Nick B. | November 7, 2019 Google

"One of my favorite barber shops definitely gonna come here more"

Unholyinvoker | October 15, 2019 Google

"Always leave out the door with a great look!"

Cheyenne R. | October 9, 2019 Google

"The wait is long, but it's worth it! Despite my haircut being a simple one, no one else seems to be "

William B. | September 23, 2019 Google

"I tried to sign-in on line. You need to take our some of the extra items asked for. They are not nec"